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The small Basque city of Eibar has a population of just over 27,000 and play at the 8,000 seater Ipurua Municipal Stadium. The club are fan owned and provide a truly wonderful opportunity to watch a La Liga match at a such a small and intimate venue.
Getting there and where to stay

Eibar is around 30 miles from Bilbao and you can get E1 train (operated by Euskotren) from Zazpi Kaleak to Ardantza-Eibar which takes just over an hour.

Obviously this gives you the opportunity of staying in Bilbao and with Eibar being so small anywhere close to the train station (Ardantza-Eibar) will provide a central base.

Getting tickets

How to get to the Ipurua Municipal stadium

From Ardantza-Eibar train station it is less than a mile to the stadium and should take no longer than 15 minutes to walk but you can also get bus DB01 from just outside the station at Egogain 5 to the stadium at Ipurua.

Where to go before an Eibar match

Bar Ipurua or Bar La Terraza are both opposite the stadium and have outdoor seating to enjoy the atmosphere of the pre-match build up.

What to do while you're in Eibar

Arms Industry Museum - History of the manufacture of armory in Eibar from 14th - 21st Century.

The Church of San Andrés - Built in the 16th Century and now considered the most important building in Eibar.

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