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About Me

My name is Andrew and I decided to give help and information as recommendations can result in a better experience.

I love travel in general but factor in a football match and a few beers and it's my idea of a perfect escape. I travel to this type of holiday with my Dad and we mainly visit in January each year as the weather in Spain is invariably better than the UK and it breaks up a long winter. Plus its quite a cheap time of year to travel!

Of course there is no bad time to visit and whether you tie in a match with a holiday, stag do or specifically take a break for the football I hope you find all the information you need in this one site to make the most of your time away and enjoy everything surrounding the event.

If you have any pictures and/or recommendations from your visits to any La Liga stadium please contact me at the email address below and let me know if you dont mind me using your information on the site. 

If you have any questions please contact me at:

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